Step One
Start your free 30-day trial. Set up your account by adding your company’s information and choose your URL. Add your logo and you’re done. That’s all you need to set up your virtual office.
Step Two
Add all the mediators and arbitrators in your office. Justice Box provides a complete solution if you are a one-person office or a 100-person firm.
Step Three
Start managing your cases on Justice Box. Add the participants, schedule virtual meetings via 2- and 3-way video-conferencing and manage case documents. It’s that easy!

Manage your ADR office with JusticeBox

Justice Box offers an easy way to manage your Alternative Dispute Resolution business online. Start with case management, including scheduling and document control. Then hold ADR sessions online with your choice of two-way or three-way video conference calls. Finally, close each dispute by uploading the final agreement reached by the participants. Your clients save time and money by allowing both parties to participate in each session from the comfort of their home or office while enabling you to spend your time actively resolving disputes instead of managing the process.
Setup is easy and doesn’t require any technical know-how. Start now!